Sunday, September 20, 2015

Feast or famine…drought or deluge…or whatever. (Just an update.)

So big changes in Bizzy-land…I’ve gone back to school!  I’m basically doing a pre-med curriculum at the local community college in preparation for applying to – wait for it – nursing programs.  I’m taking night classes, which feature amazing casts of characters (exotic dancer!) about whom I’d love to write someday.  Community college is a great democratizing institution – you have people sitting in a classroom with great careers and prestigious degrees all the way down to clueless eighteen-year-olds just trying to get some credits under their belt.  I took Biology over the summer and now I’m taking Chemistry and what I can only term “BOOT CAMP” Anatomy & Physiology I with a professor who has the reputation of being THE HARDEST A&P professor of any state institution from UCONN on down.  I really didn’t expect to be diagnosing skin cancer in lab in week two.  But I digress!

So it’s been busy for me to say the least.  I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what’s been going in on the child-performer side of my world.  I’ve kvetched a bit in the past few months about the slow size 4, but there have been some slightly regular opportunities lately…they’ve just come all at once!  We had a few clusters of bookings over the summer.  Two weeks ago I got a deluge of emails from the agency.  In a three hour period I was notified of two go-sees the next day, a decent booking for two days later, and two holds for the following week.  We managed to hit both go-sees pretty smoothly.  Two go-sees and the round trip in six hours highlighted by one parking garage in-and-out in under half an hour – $9 score! – and one free on-street parking spot.  Didn’t book…but whatever, we got out there.  The job the following day was crazy far in southern Jersey, but it was an 8-hour gig to make up for it and we really didn’t hit any ridiculous traffic.  Far more stressful was the fact that my son’s car broke down (I let him drive my car for a few days) and I scratched my rental when pulling over for three police vans on W. 26th Street BUT saved myself by buying the extra insurance coverage FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER (totally got a weird feeling that I should and I am GLAD I DID!).

Last week was dead.  The holds last week fell through (for the better, since I had to study for my first test in Boot Camp A&P).  Friday afternoon we got another set of holds for this coming week (one for some app and one for a department store) and an audition for a film tomorrow afternoon.  Another race to the city and get to class in Northwestern Connecticut afternoon, but hey, if it’s not ridiculous it must not be my jam.

I’ll keep you posted.  Back to studying my histology slides and fetal pig organs!

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