Sunday, April 12, 2015

Planning MY Vacation!

It's 1:20 am and I need to have my family on a plane tomorrow.  We're taking a 3-generation family trip to visit my wife's aunt in Florida.  I've been super excited for this trip, but I was pretty much on my a$$ Friday and Saturday with a stomach bug...and today we were at a photo here I am fumbling around in a quasi-comatose stupor trying to figure out what to pack.  (Ironic that I wrote a piece about this the other day, right?)

So right about now I'm dreaming about my vacation -- you know what I mean: that time JUST FOR ME when we get back from our trip and I am no longer responsible for making sure everyone has what everyone needs 24/7.  My vacation will probably amount to something really great, like trip to Target all by myself.  Because, hey, I'm almost 42, have three kids, and work full time...that's what I do for fun.

I just came up with a most genius idea!  Why doesn't Target have a bar?!?!?!?  (Here in CT, Target can't even sell booze.)  Are you listening, CT lawmakers?  I will promise my vote to anyone who will push for discount department store liquor service licenses!

I've got to shut up and get some sleep.  I'm delirious.

What we were shooting yesterday...a fake wedding!

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