Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Veteran Moms Weigh in on "Requests"

Yesterday my friends (shout outs!!!) had some great reactions when I posted that I wrote about requests.  I thought I would share their reactions so you can get some more candid perspectives on the meaning of a “request.”  These are their own words.

  • Excuse me a WHAT ? Request casting ? You mean size request casting with 1/2 of the city ??
  • Request castings where ONLY THE KID REQUESTED WILL BE SEEN. Anyone not on the list will be turned away at the door. Well, except for *that one over there.*
  • Oh and by size request I mean they will book the kid totally out of size?!?
  • There is also the "request go see" when the client doesn't see pic submissions but asks the agencies to send a set amount of kids that fit the breakdown. Now it's up to your agency. If your agency has too many of your child's type or are not on their radar they might not be sent although they fit the breakdown. It's so unpredictable. Then there's the kid who books that didn't even go to the casting.
  • Lol!!! I don't believe any are request…and I think most are pre-casted in fashion.
  • And you do have the specific requests if child is being used as a "prop" with a mom or family.
  • I love the requests when it's for a headless kid!
  • Or when they request knowing they like baby teeth & your child had adult teeth the last 2 castings…or has two missing teeth in front. 

So, as you can see, there is some skepticism among the veteran model moms!

My daughter has two legit auditions scheduled over the next couple of days…”legit” is the term for on-camera work that is not commercial (such as TV and film).  One is for a small role in a new sitcom and the other is for a role in an indy film.  I haven’t written much about that side of the performer business, but I’ll save all that stuff for the future.  In the meantime, break a leg, kiddo!

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Kids playing after a big "request"...running into friends is the best part of the business.

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